16x9 Inc. Unveils Movcam F7S Cage Kits

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Mon, 01/26/2015 - 11:40 -- Nick Dager

Movcam FS7 CageThe new Movcam FS7 Cage and Cage Kit are now available for general distribution from 16x9 Inc. With the release of Sony’s Super 35 E-Mount PXW-FS7, Movcam has selected the Sony FS7 as it’s next target for their lightweight camera cages.

Movcam has produced cages for other popular cameras featuring the same build quality, such as: Sony A7S, FS700, F5/F55, Canon C100/C300/C500, several Blackmagic Design Cameras, Red Cameras and many others.

Movcam has anticipated different use cases for the FS7 and has created complete kits for anyone from student to studio including the FS7 Base Kit, FS7 15mm Standard Kit, FS7 19mm Standard Kit and the FS7 19mm Cine Kit. All Kits come with the VCT Shoulder Multi-BP that provides a standard 85mm distance between the 15mm rods and optical center. The bottom of the VCT Shoulder Multi-BP can go directly onto a 19mm bridge plate providing a standard 120mm to optical center – 19mm studio standard. The new FS7 Riser expands the bearing surface on the bottom of the camera to ensure safe load. All items and accessories are made of high-grade aluminum.

Available from 16x9 Inc., the Movcam FS7 Cage is $1,265. The Movcam FS7 Base Kit ($1,745) comes ready with Movcam’s Power Distribution Box, 15mm rod clamps and an industry standard VCT Shoulder Mount.

For more information about the Movcam FS7 Cage, Base, 15mm or 19mm Kits and other Movcam accessories info@16x9inc.comwww.16x9inc.com.