Éclair Launches ÉclairSend Professional File Transfer System

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Tue, 02/26/2019 - 11:30 -- Nick Dager

Éclair today announced the launch of ÉclairSend, its new, pay-as-you-go online large file transfer and transcoding service developed with film and audiovisual industry professionals. The browser-based ÉclairSend platform enables producers, distributors, filmmakers, broadcasters and non-industry professionals anywhere in the world to easily manage their files and assets, convert videos and deliver any type of content, without size restriction.

"With over a century of experience in content services, we are mindful of the continued challenges faced by industry professionals who need to securely share large files, from rushes to [digital cinema packages], in a matter of minutes without any constraints,” said Pascal Mogavero, senior vice president of Éclair. "In this rapidly-evolving marketplace, Éclair is actively pursuing the digitalization of its services with the introduction and operation of cloud-based platforms to ensure we always meet our customers’ needs. With its guaranteed results and unlimited potential, we are excited to introduce ÉclairSend as the first in a suite of tools from our new Éclair Digital Solutions division.”

“During the development of ÉclairSend, we organized monthly meetings named ‘Make it Easy’ to present our ideas for the platform and have them challenged by professional users and UX experts,” added Sebastien Arlaud, Éclair’s chief digital officer. “The aim was to ensure this intuitive tool could be used effortlessly by all and from anywhere, and we are grateful for their insight and guidance in making ÉclairSend the most advanced file transfer solution on the market.”

"With its user-friendly interface and transparent pricing, ÉclairSend makes our entire file transfer process a breeze," added Candice Kalil, head of servicing for international sales agent Kinology. “Since we have total control from start to finish and receive real-time notifications every step of the way, it’s also a true time saver.”

All communications and transfers through ÉclairSend are SSL encrypted to ensure optimum security. User authentication is based on worldwide standards, while the service is available 24/7. ÉclairSend also features a dedicated library through which users can add, delete and manage all their saved files online from any device with unlimited storage space, or invite colleagues and clients to create and use a shared library. Assets can be organized by project or technical specifications for quicker access and greater ease of use.

To learn more about ÉclairSend, please visit https://send.Éclair.digital/