Éclair Announces Updated Long-Term Digital Preservation Initiative

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Wed, 01/30/2019 - 11:45 -- Nick Dager

Éclair today announced that its Éclair Preservation initiative, which is dedicated to the secure conservation and management of digital and analog media for the film & television sectors, is in accordance with France’s new National Centre for Cinema and the Moving Image (CNC) bylaws. In effect since January 1, the regulation related to feature film production funding requires all recent and upcoming productions applying for financial support from the organization to subscribe to CST-compliant (RT 043) conservation contracts to safeguard the media’s long-term viability. 

Éclair is also the first services provider to have adopted the Open Archival Information System reference model, an international standard (ISO 14721) implemented to guide the preservation of digital data and documents over the very long term. By following the OAIS reference model, Éclair guarantees the conservation of its customers’ content as well as the metadata required to understand the content, its structure, its rendering needs, and its preservation history.

“Having adopted an entirely open source system, Éclair’s content management solutions guarantee the integrity, long-term validity and, most importantly, reversibility of each archived asset,” says Gregoire Bodet, Éclair’s head of innovation. “Since reversibility is a key component of our preservation contracts, we maintain a constant watch over the impending obsolescence of any systems, formats and software required to access or read the data. We are constantly developing new solutions to best meet our customers’ evolving preservation needs.”

“Although physical assets require additional logistics, Éclair ensures our customers’ digital data remain accessible at any time, allowing for quick duplication or transfer when necessary,” adds Serge Sepulcre, sales director for Éclair. “Each digital document is also replicated and stored on two different secure French sites located 170 km apart – Éclair’s Paris-Vanves and Burgundy data centers – to provide greater data protection and confidentiality.”

Éclair provides physical storage services as well as the technological development and management of the digital storage of feature film & television content (DCDM, IMFapp#4, DSM, Master, etc.) in 35-mm, video and digital format for producers, sales agents, content catalog owners, distributors and television broadcasters. With more than 80 years of experience and entrusted with more than half of France’s film heritage, Éclair currently oversees the storage of 15 petabytes of data. 2.1 million reels and video assets are preserved at its Burgundy site.

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