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Bros Creators Want to Save Date Night

Thu, 08/25/2022 - 09:34 -- Nick Dager

The men behind Universal Pictures’ new, groundbreaking, R-rated gay romantic comedy Bros are here to save date night. Bros director Nicholas Stoller, along with star and co-screenwriter Billy Eichner and star Luke Macfarlane are bringing some of their favorite movies – Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Trainwreck and Knocked Up – back to theatres each for one night only events September 19, 20 and 21

Slaves and Kings in Theatres August 22-23

Tue, 08/16/2022 - 12:27 -- Nick Dager

The new feature film Slaves and Kings produced by the Claretians and Stellarum Films, directed by Pablo Moreno (Luz de Soledad, Poveda) and starring Antonio Reyes (The Ministry of Time, Gran Hotel), Alba Recondo (La Brujas de E’lente), and Carlos Canas (Luz de Soledad, Drug Squad), will premiere in movie theaters nationwide in English on August 22 and in Spanish on August 23 in Fathom Events theatres across the country.


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