WCPMedia Adds Features to Platform

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Fri, 02/03/2017 - 11:17 -- Nick Dager

WCPMediaServices, which was used on The Young Pope, has added new features.WCPMedia Services has added a number of new features to its media asset management platform designed to improve asset management, simplify transcoding, speed content delivery, enhance communication and collaboration, and boost marketing. Producers of the current television series The Young Pope from Sky, HBO and Canal Plus, used the WCPMedia platform to share assets with stakeholders around the globe during production and post.

Additionally, WCPMedia Services recently agreed to provide the media asset backbone for Taiwan-based Huallywood Film Studio

Content owners are increasingly looking to the cloud to cut distribution costs and gain greater control over their high value media assets. “Distributors today need to get product to market faster than physical delivery, and other legacy distribution workflows, allow,” said Kenneth Yas, WCPMedia Services managing director—Americas. “Our platform provides a powerful, integrated solution for storing, managing and delivering assets in a controlled manner. Distributors can deliver content to broadcasters and networks worldwide in the format they need—and with all ancillary assets—quickly, accurately and securely.”

WCPMedia Services is used by content creators and owners both to manage production activity and to deliver content to customers. Entertainment studio Electus International, producers of such shows as Style By Jury, Wake Up Call and House of DVF is using the platform for digital delivery to broadcasters, cable companies and other customers globally, including in Latin America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Hong Kong and Indonesia.

Newly added platform features include:

Playbills/thumbnails are automatically applied to new assets.

Key metadata (cast, story, director, crew…) is automatically accessed and retrieved. No need for manual entry

Share new content, collateral material, screening rooms and other assets with other users via personalized email

Filter and search content via user-defined tags (e.g. title, episode, genre, category)

View content as either a flat list (searchable by field) or by database hierarchy.

Redesigned user interface makes it easier to carry out routine tasks.

New HTML5 streaming player includes variable playback speed, repeat, sequential play and other features

Enhanced delivery workflow eliminates recipient confirmation. Coupled with the platform’s existing PUSH feature, it further accelerates content delivery

Create Screening Rooms by custom catalog. Selectively provide content to individual customers to improve marketing

Retrieve data on who has been viewing what

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