The Vision Thing

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Fri, 11/07/2008 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

New v3 MOE Lenses at Clairmont Camera The v3 MOE (Moving Optical Element) lenses add realism depth and shape to scenes or products and provide a vivid improvement over conventional film and telecast imagery. Unique to the industry they capture different points of view relative to the plane of focus causing the viewer to interpret depth in such a manner that it enhances the realism of the shot and make it more life-like. “In addition to the content the ‘look’ of a film is the core of any production ” says Chris Mayhew president Vision III Imaging. “The v3 MOE lenses provide cinematographers and DPs with a creative tool that adds dimension and texture to the look and opens up a range of creative options that cannot be achieved with normal fixed-iris lenses.” The v3 MOE lenses available through Clairmont Camera in Los Angeles incorporate the patented v3 parallax scanning technology which adds enhanced depth texture shape and realism to scenes and products produced for 35mm film. Motion picture films shot using the v3 MOE lens utilize industry standard cameras and film and can be projected or transferred to videotape. The lenses are designed for use with PL-mount cameras popular in motion picture and television/advertising productions as well as with the new 4K digital cinema cameras. Technically the iris of the v3 MOE lens rotates in a simple circle with the amplitude (distance off center) and frequency (cycles per second) adjustable by the camera operator. The normal frequency is 4.3 cycles per second which can be changed in relation to the capture speed of the camera. These changes in amplitude provide the different look and are strikingly powerful in scenes shot with a moving camera. Clairmont Camera Vision III Imaging