UVK Multicines Upgrades with Barco, CE+S and GDC

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Wed, 01/14/2015 - 12:56 -- Nick Dager

UVK MulticinesBarco has partnered with Cinema Equipment & Supplies to complete the conversion of UVK’s theaters in Peru and surrounding cities.

wanted to upgrade their cinema technologies across their circuit and wanted to do it quickly. In addition to Barco and CE+S, they worked with GDC Technology, who manages their VPF subsidy and provides both IMB technology and theater management software.

“Thanks to a very competitive package offered by Barco, CE+S and GDC, we were able to obtain industry-leading projectors and attractive financing to meet our objectives,” said Monica Ubillus, director manager of UVK Multicines. “They worked seamlessly together to meet our very aggressive timeframe, providing top-notch service and support all along the way, from planning through full implementation.”

CE+S provided a 360-degree solution based exclusively on Barco projectors, pre-staging units and assembling their theater management systems at their Miami location before shipping to UVK.  Thanks to Barco’s wide range of options, UVK matched the perfect projector to every screen, from the compact DP2K-10Sx to the DP2K-23B for larger auditoriums.

“It has been a wonderful experience to partner with Barco to support UVK’s digital cinema conversion, as we appreciate their in-depth knowledge of the Latin America market as well as their highly efficient workflow,” said Alex Younger, vice president of sales for CE+S. “Because of our completely in-house operation and turnkey approach, we can exercise more control and efficiency to fulfill the needs of digital cinema conversions in a timely manner.”

To support exhibitors like UVK, Barco has invested significant resources in many parts of Latin America, establishing local parts depots at eight locations and offering installation and advanced service certification training is available in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Mexico City, Mexico; and Sacramento, California.

“We enjoy participating in these exciting digital cinema projects that enable Latin America exhibitors to offer a unique, high-quality movie going experience to their patrons on par with the best experiences in the world,” said Ney Corsino, senior vice president, international sales for Barco. “That is why we’ve made a commitment to serving this region at a local level, partnering with companies like CE+S to ensure that theater owners have the full complement of resources to achieve continued success.”

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