SMPTE New England Hosts Boot Camp

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Wed, 05/11/2016 - 15:03 -- Nick Dager

A SMPTE New England chapter panel discussion.The New England Section of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers will offer a free day-long New Technologies Boot Camp dedicated to fostering a better understanding of working with high resolution (UHD, 4K, and beyond), high-dynamic-range imaging, and higher frame rates; maintaining resolution independence on screens of every size; and leveraging internet protocol and ATSC 3.0 for more efficient movement of this media content. The boot camp will run from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on May 19 in the Terrace Room of the Holiday Inn in Dedham, Massachusetts.

"These are exciting times for those of us working on the technical side of broadcasting, and the array of new formats and standards we're facing can be a bit overwhelming," said Martin P. Feldman, chair of SMPTE New England Section. "No one wants — or can afford — to be left behind. That's why we're gathering some of the industry's foremost experts for a free boot camp designed to bring engineers up to speed on new technologies that enable more efficient creation and delivery of a better broadcast product."

Boot camp presentations will include:

"High-Dynamic-Range and Wide Color Gamut in Production and Distribution" by Hugo Gaggioni, chief technical officer at Sony Electronics;
"4K/UHD/HFR/HDR — HEVC H.265 — ATSC 3.0" by Karl Kuhn of Tektronix;
"Where Is 4K (UHD) Product Used Today — 4K Versus HFR — 4K and HFR Challenges" by Bruce Lane of Grass Valley;
"Using MESH Networks" by Al Kornak of JVC Kenwood Corporation;
"IP in Infrastructure-Building (Replacing HD-SDI Systems and Accommodating UHD)" by Paul Briscoe of Evertz Microsystems;
"Scripted Versus Live Production Requirements" by Michael Bergeron of Panasonic;
"The Transition from SDI to IP, Including IP Infrastructure and Monitoring" by John Shike of SAM (formerly Snell);
"8K, High-Dynamic-Range, OLED, Flexible Displays" by consultant Peter Putman; and
"HDR: The Great, the Okay, and the WTF" by Mark Schubin, engineer-in-charge at the Metropolitan Opera, Sesame Street, and Great Performances (PBS).

The program will conclude with a panel discussion by the program's presenters.

As with nearly all programs offered by the SMPTE New England Section, there is no charge to attend this event, no RSVP is required, and SMPTE Members as well as nonmembers are welcome, particularly students. Integrated Solutions Group, a division of The Camera Company Inc., is graciously hosting the boot camp during its 26th Annual Pro Video & Lighting Show at the Dedham Holiday Inn. The hotel is located at 55 Ariadne Road, just off I-95, exit 15A.

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