Siren Studios Takes Delivery of Large MSE Stand Order

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Mon, 03/16/2015 - 11:23 -- Nick Dager

Siren Studios crew with part of the MSE order.Matthews Studio Equipment has delivered a large order of MSE C-Stands and other Matthews support equipment to Hollywood-based Siren Studios.

“Siren is a company that specializes in renting and supporting our photo and sound stages as well as renting grip, lighting, and production equipment,” says Justin Rhoads, warehouse manager for Siren. “Our clients range from small to large budget feature films, music videos, special events, and print work for various media including magazine and web.

“We’ve been using MSE since the company started, and our clients love the strength and innovation of the various support pieces we supply,” he adds. “Especially the Lo Boys due to their compact deign and strength. The crank-o-vators, medium rollers, c-stands and various other pieces of hardware are also on every shoot we do.”

Rhoads says he can’t keep enough MSE in stock. Recently, MSE supported a Hasbro Cartoon Commercial, an Olay commercial, Taco Bell commercial, “and we are currently prepping an order for a Denny’s spot where they’ve requested six LoBoys and 12 cranks,” he says. “We’re waiting on a couple of more items from MSE – Apple Boxes and flags. Then, there will be another big order – to keep this busy house supported in the style we need to accommodate our clients.”

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