Showtime Cinemas Opens Second All-Christie Cineplex in Taiwan

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Mon, 04/23/2018 - 01:08 -- Nick Dager

Showtime Cinemas is opening its second all-Christie cineplex in Taiwan.Showtime Cinemas is opening its second all-Christie cineplex in Taiwan. The installations were completed by Christie’s longstanding Taiwanese partner Dacoms Technology,with support from Showtime and Christie’s technical teams.

“We keep getting feedback from our patrons saying how impressed they are with both the picture and sound quality, and this reinforces our belief that we have made the right decision in equipping our cinemas with Christie visual and audio solutions,” said Willy Liao, general manager, Showtime Cinemas. “Hence it was a no-brainer that our newest cineplex in Shulin would be completely furnished with Christie’s cinema projection and sound systems. Christie cinema projectors offer the best visuals and the unique design and amazing acoustics of Christie Vive Audio also provides unmatched surround sound for a spectacular cinematic experience.”

The flagship Super Cinema auditorium features a 21-meter screen and around 300 seats.  It is fitted with a Christie CP42LH 3DLP 4K RGB laser projector with an enhanced wavelength diversification configuration. It is connected via fiber optic to a laser rack housing eight laser modules that outputs multiple combinations of RGB primary color wavelengths, capable of generating 40,000 lumens of white light. The remaining 11 halls are equipped with Christie CP2215,CP2220, and CP2230 DLP digital cinema projectors.

All cinema halls are also fitted with line array and surround speakers from the Christie Vive Audio LA series. Christie Vive Audio also supports leading formats such as Dolby Atmos, 7.1 and 5.1 surround sound.

“As one of the leading cinema chains in Taiwan, we remain strongly committed in offering the best-in-class cinema technologies for our patrons to enjoy the finest visuals and audio.  We’re confident that Christie’s highly acclaimed projection and audio solutions are perfect for deployment in our latest cineplex in Shulin, and will enable us to draw in the crowds from Shulin District and neighboring areas,” said Liao.

Emily Hong, president, Dacoms Technology noted, “The decision by Showtime Cinemas to fully equip its latest cinema complex in Shulin with Christie cinema projectors and Vive Audio is a clear testimony of their high performance, reliability and ease of maintenance. I’m pleased that our team members have become more confident and proficient in carrying out the installation works, having gained much experience during the previous project in Taichung last year. Indeed, we are thrilled to bring one of Christie’s vaunted RGB laser projection solutions and immersive audio technologies to cinema audiences in New Taipei City.”

Han Kim, senior director, cinema sales, Christie Asia Pacific added, “We’re delighted that Showtime Cinemas has once again chosen our cinema projection and audio solutions for its newest cineplex located in Shulin. This shows that our field-proven and robust cinema solutions, in particular RGB laser and Vive Audio, are the pinnacle of quality versus any competitive solution. We are committed to ongoing innovation to meet the changing requirements of filmmakers, production houses and exhibitors, as well as audience demands for epic cinematic experiences.”

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