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Wed, 11/19/2008 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Sony Unveils High-Def Camera and Recording System for Professional Video Applications 
 In an effort to help filmmakers save money per recording minute Sony plans to make available in February a new full high-definition compact point-of-view camera and solid-state recorder combination the HXR-MC1. Its video compression will afford its users longer recording time per GB as well as a low cost of media per minute. The light weight camera which records onto Memory Stick Pro Duo media is designed to give professional users more flexibility to capture shots in video applications where increased mobility is required beyond the use of traditional hand-held or shoulder-mount cameras such as extreme sports reality TV documentaries nature and wildlife. “Video technology providers have recognized MPEG long GOP as a professional standard ” says Tatsuro Kurachi group marketing manager for professional video at Sony Electronics. “Cost per recording minute of media is critical to professionals and this extremely compact camera gives professional customers more mobility and flexibility in capturing broadcast-quality images in certain challenging and niche video applications. Video crews often combine professional and consumer technologies to meet their diverse production requirements.”
       Also according to Kurachi the HXR-MC1 camera/recorder is intended to fill a niche that Sony’s existing professional camcorder products have not fully addressed due to size and other factors.
             The camera is small enough to attach to various devices such as helmets or cars via screw holes on the bottom of the unit. It is also splash-resistant for use in the rain and needs no external recording devices or facilities. Sony will also continue to support and reinforce the well-established HDV infrastructure by adding newer models including the HVR-Z5U hybrid camcorder and HVR-MRC1K Compact Flash media adapter. Sony