Satisfying the Need for Greater Depth of Field

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Fri, 12/19/2014 - 12:01 -- Nick Dager

Matthew Abourezk with the PX270. Photo by Tracy Furgason.Matthew Abourezk, owner/director of Talkingbox Media Group of Easton, Connecticut, was faced with a dilemma in choosing his new video camera. On the one hand, the veteran videographer/still photographer was shooting award-winning assignments with his HDSLR; on the other, he was beginning to feel the wear and tear of setting up elaborate rigs to achieve desired results.

“At some point, you simply need a dedicated video camera with more depth of field,” Abourezk said. His solution was to invest in Panasonic’s AJ-PX270 P2 HD camcorder. “I did my research, the PX270 has great reviews, and as a longtime AG-HVX200 owner, I was comfortable with Panasonic gear.”

“I absolutely achieved my objective of being able to control the depth of field,“ he added. “I can grab the PX270 and start shooting, no rigs required. Because of that, we’re seeing significant cost reductions for our clients."

Since purchasing the PX270 earlier this fall, Abourezk has used the camera on diverse corporate assignments, including documenting an in-office seminar and shooting a product video for a medical equipment company. Upcoming assignments include a TV pilot for Kelsey on the House, a reality-based home show, and a wedding that he plans to shoot in 1080/60p for the slow motion effects.

“On both the seminar and product shoot, simply by being selective with my camera positioning, I was able to manage depth of field,” Abourezk said. “With the product video, I could get in close, but also show the large piece of equipment and a technician, both in focus. And with the seminar, I needed to show staff busily working in the foreground, but I was able to keep the background a little out of focus.” He shot both of those assignments in 1080/30p.

Abourezk also cited the PX270’s image production in low light, its high-resolution monitor and OLED viewfinder, 22X zoom with three manual control rings, breadth of available formats, 3G-SDI out and comfortable form factor as assets that he depends on when on location.

“The PX270’s image quality is exceptional and it affords mind-blowing versatility,” he said. “It was the right decision for my business.”

The camera configuration pictured, rigged for handheld run-and-gun shooting, is as follows, listed top to bottom:

Sennheiser short shotgun microphone on custom mic mount

Sennheiser G3 Wireless receiver (for the lapel on the talent)

Small HD 7-inch monitor

Supamods Carbon Fiber Matte box

Lanparte rig including follow focus, base, shoulder rest, handles

Manfrotto 509 HD Tripod head with Carbon Fiber legs

For more information about Abourezk and his work, visit