Russian Rollout

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Mon, 01/26/2009 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Imax Theatre to be installed in Moscow Multiplex Imax and Rising Star Media a joint venture between National Amusements and Soquel Ventures have announced an agreement to install an Imax theatre at Rising Star's KinoStar City multiplex at Mega Belyadacha regional mall in Moscow Russia. Scheduled to be installed in Moscow shortly the new theatre will utilize Imax 's new digital projection system. National Amusements currently operates seven Imax theatres in the United States one in Argentina and one in St. Petersburg Russia. Now Moscow audiences will get to see such big screen presentations as Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. The Imax theatre business has proven to be very effective for both Rising Star Media and National Amusements and we are very excited to expand with more locations in Russia says Shari E. Redstone who leads Rising Star Media and is president of National Amusements. Imax's digital projection system allows greater program flexibility which enables us to offer our customers even more movies in a truly unique and immersive way. Hollywood directors are discovering the excitement that the Imax technology adds to a film and as a result we are looking forward to being able to present more unique film experiences to our patrons. Russian moviegoers love the Imax experience says Paul B. Heth who directs Rising Star Media. Our partnership with Imax has cemented Rising Star Media's position as a high-tech leader in the Russian exhibition business. We look forward to expanding our Imax theatre network into Moscow and through the economical and logistical advantages of Imax's new digital projection system we are able to open quickly to take advantage of the amazing Imax film slate in 2009. Our digital projection system has boosted interest from Hollywood studios and exhibitors worldwide and we're particularly encouraged by the interest we're starting to see in Europe says Imax co-CEOs and co-chairmen Richard L. Gelfond and Bradley J. Wechsler. Russia continues to play a key role in our European expansion strategy and we're pleased to see top exhibitors who are already in the Imax business open additional Imax theatres. National Amusements and Rising Star Media have both been fantastic partners and we're delighted to expand our relationship with them as we continue to grow the Imax network in Russia says Larry O'Reilly Imax's executive vice president of theatre development. Rising Star Media operates a successful Imax theatre in St. Petersburg and we're confident that their location in Moscow will be well received by moviegoers as well. Imax Corporation National Amusements Inc. Rising Star Media