Ringen Theatre, Oslo Adds 4DX Seats

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Mon, 01/16/2017 - 10:30 -- Nick Dager

The Ringen Theatre in Oslo is installing 4DX seats.CJ 4DPlex has partnered with Nordisk Film Kino to bring its immersive 4DX theatre technology featuring moving seats and environmental effects to Norway for the first time. The newest 4DX site will be at the Ringen theatre in Oslo, with 140 4DX seats to be installed in time for a March opening.  The first title, currently scheduled in the 4DX format at this theatre, is Kong: The Skull Island.

“It is a great pleasure for us in Nordisk Film Kino to offer 4DX to our guests in Oslo. Our screen at Ringen will be the first of its kind in the Nordic region to offer this fully immersive, cutting edge movie experience, which is really exciting. We look forward to collaborating with CJ 4DPLEX and are excited to welcome movie-loving thrill-seekers to our new screen later this spring,” said Jannicke Haugen, CEO Nordisk Film Kino.

Ringen cinema opened in 2008, named in honor of an old cinema at Carl Berners Plass (1939-1988), and was the first cinema in Norway to be digitalized. Since then, it has become known for programming Hollywood blockbusters, Norwegian films, quality international movies and a wide variety of children's films, as well as the transmission of concerts and festival films. The cinema is known to be a leader in new technologies and amenities, including offering comfortable 120 centimeter or more spacing between each row, an auditorium with leather seats with movable, high-back tables, and a separate lounge area for private special events.

“Launching in Norway is a milestone in expanding our 4DX locations to important markets across Northern Europe,” said Byung Hwan Choi, CEO of CJ 4DPlex. “This year, one of our major goals is broadening our business across the continent, and based on our successful experience in other European countries, we are confident that this Nordisk Film Cinemas partnership will be incredibly valuable to us.”

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