Reimagining Cinema Team Management

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Thu, 04/14/2016 - 19:51 -- Nick Dager

Vista Entertainment launches MovieTeamVista Entertainment has launched a product that reimagines how cinemas manage their staffing.  Developed in partnership with Harkins Theatres, MovieTeam is a cloud-based application that transforms staffing protocols for the 21st century theatre.   

The MovieTeam application, the result of more than a year of consultation, development and testing, is the latest premiere offering from Vista Entertainment. MovieTeam is the first example of an application that enables interconnected, company-wide management and scheduling of all cinema staff – removing fragmented, frustrating, sub-optimal practices that have plagued large circuit exhibitors for decades. 

Seamlessly integrating the needs of corporate headquarters, cinema management and cinema staff, the product arms managers with all the information required to optimize staff management, construct and communicate schedules, monitor the inevitable variables and respond to them in real time; operational staff maintain total visibility of their shift obligations as well as record and manage options related to their lifestyles or preferences. 

“MovieTeam is designed specifically for cinemas and the unique staffing requirements that cinema exhibition demands,” says Derek Forbes, president, Vista USA.  “For a long time Vista customers have requested a state-of-the-art technology solution for the crucial staffing component of their business, one that would integrate into their existing Vista Cinema software package.  MovieTeam meets those needs and more. Having Harkness Theatres as our development partner has ensured that the product meets exacting standards.  We’re delighted with the results of our collaboration.” 

“Due to the unique nature of cinema scheduling, existing software products have never been able to meet our needs,” says Racheal Wilson, Harkins senior vice president.  “So we were excited to be approached by Vista on this project. In our work together for the past several years, Vista has demonstrated why they are the leaders in cinema software.   Their proven track record has given us every confidence that MovieTeam will be an impactful addition to the Vista cinema suite.”

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