QSC Audio Products Introduces New Loudspeakers for Smaller Cinemas

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Sun, 12/08/2013 - 12:32 -- Nick Dager

QSC Audio Products has introduced three new loudspeakers for small cinemas.QSC Audio Products has introduced three new cost-effective loudspeakers for smaller cinemas that the company says meet sound output requirements without compromising sound quality.

“It’s a fact that small cinemas simply don’t require the same output capabilities from their loudspeakers that larger cinemas require,” said Barry Ferrell, senior vice president and chief strategy officer for QSC Audio Products.  “But until now, cinema operators have been forced to compromise – either by spending too much on a loudspeaker system that’s too large for the room, or a settling for a small inexpensive system that sacrifices both output and sound quality.  The new small room systems from QSC solve that dilemma for cost-conscious cinema operators.”

The new models include two passive full-range, two-way screen channel loudspeakers and a compact, narrow profile subwoofer.  Combined with the QSC SC-2150 screen channel loudspeaker and SR-8101 surround, QSC now offers the most complete range of loudspeaker products tailored to the needs and budgets of small room cinema applications.

Optimized for rooms up to 35 feet (11 meters) from the screen to the last row of seating, the new SC-1120 two-way screen channel loudspeaker features a 12-inch low frequency driver and a 1.75-inch voice coil high frequency driver. 

The new SC-1150 two-way screen channel loudspeaker is designed for rooms up to 45 feet (14 meters) in length, featuring a single 15-inch low frequency driver and a 1.75-inch voice coil high frequency driver.  Both systems are fully passive, requiring only a single amplifier channel per loudspeaker, and both utilize QSC’s 90-degree Axisymmetrical waveguide for wide, even coverage.  The new SB-1180 subwoofer features a single 18-inch extended bandwidth low frequency driver.  All three enclosures are only 11.7 inches (297 mm) deep, minimizing space requirements behind the screen.

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