Producer Shoots 4K for Fashion Week VOD

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Thu, 10/22/2015 - 10:59 -- Nick Dager

New York Fashion WeekFashion video content producer/publisher Adriana Kaegi recently shot extensive 4K coverage of New York Fashion Week. Kaegi is a featured channel partner on Style Addytude, with eight million monthly viewers, and her company was the first to do live streaming and VOD of the New York, Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks.

In addition to uploads of three videos a day during Fashion Week, in December Kaegi plans to post dozens of videos culled from coverage of more 80 runway shows. (December is considered the prime time for consumers to ponder what they'll be wearing spring/summer 2016.) 

“For someone in my business, supplying gorgeous fashion-forward video content, it's a crucial time to move into 4K production,” Kaigi said. “Based on this initial experience, I can say that it's given us a competitive advantage.” Her crew shot with Panasonic's new AG-DVX200PJ 4K large-sensor, 4/3-inch handheld camcorders.

Videographer Pedro Alberto HernandezIn her choice of a 4K camcorder, Kaegi relied upon the advice of her senior videographer, Pedro Alberto Hernandez, a longtime Panasonic shooter. “The DVX200PJ has a good-sized body, similar in form and weight to my AG-AC160A,” Hernandez said. “I really like the versatility of the SD card features and then, of course, there's the ability to record 4K.”

Along with his colleague, videographer Chris Sarmanto, Hernandez shot all day long each day of Fashion Week. In general, the pair worked with the DVX200PJs on tripods, shooting from risers in the designated media area, though there was a small amount of hand-held work. Their format of choice was UHD.

“The 4/3-inch touch-panel LCD is beautiful, with amazing resolution, and the lens is wide and powerful, very useful when you run-and-gun,” Hernandez said. “We experienced terrific battery life, more than 100 minutes. I'm planning to invest in a DVX200PJ as a replacement for my AVCCAM model.”

“I'm very happy with the footage we shot with the DVX200PJs: it looks so much better than HD,” said Kaegi. “And, given my field of interest, I loved the camcorder's vibrant design, with its crimson shading.”

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