Paramount Releases Terminator Genisys Game for Moviegoers

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Tue, 06/30/2015 - 13:52 -- Nick Dager

Paramount's Terminator Genisys gameFor some going to see Terminator Genisys starting July 1 will mean having the chance to do something other than text or stare at the advertisements on the big screen before the movie starts. Paramount has announced it is releasing an interactive game to be played on mobile devices before the film begins at select AMC Imax locations.

Paramount says the game is the first-ever in-theater interactive video game.

Audience members point their phones at the theater screen while clicking a button appearing on their home screen to "shoot and kill" Terminator cyborgs.

Audiences will have the opportunity to play the game from July 1-12.

The winning team at each showing of the participating theaters will receive a limited edition collectible Terminator Genisys poster (until July 2, or while supplies last).