The Orchard Acquires Hunter Gatherer

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Tue, 10/18/2016 - 12:01 -- Nick Dager

Hunter Gatherer stars Andre Royo and George Sample III. Photo by John Aguirresarobe.The Orchard has acquired rights to Hunter Gatherer, the debut film from filmmaker Josh Locy. Rough House Pictures will release the film in theaters in New York and Los Angeles on November 16 with a theatrical rollout to follow. The Orchard will release the film via digital platforms in early 2017.

Written and directed by Josh Locy, Hunter Gatherer is produced by Sara Murphy, April Lamb, Isaiah Smallman, and Michael Covino.  It was executive produced by Mama Bear Studios and Unbundled Underground in association with Rough House Pictures.

Hunter Gatherer made its world premiere at the 2016 SXSW Film Festival to rave reviews. The film’s star Andre Royo (The Wire, Empire) garnered the Jury Award for Best Actor at the festival.

In the film, Royo stars as Ashley Douglas, a man recently released from prison who finds out, much to his chagrin, that everyone and everything has moved on without him.  With the hope of winning back his girlfriend, he enlists the aid of a fellow loner (George Sample III) as a business partner and eventually starts to experience the unexpected.

“The Orchard has a proven track record of guiding films to their audience in an effective way. I’m humbled and thrilled to be included in their slate with so many other great films,” said Locy.

Executive producer David Gordon Green said, “Hunter Gatherer is a rare independent film that isn't loaded with sentiment or cynicism, but has a beautiful balance of humor and heart. Josh Locy's first feature is our introduction to a fresh filmmaking voice and cements Andre Royo as a magnetic actor that defies all expectation. I'm excited for audiences to experience this one-of-a kind film.”

“Hunter Gatherer is a film that startled and enthralled us with its combination of originality, pathos, surrealism and true heart,” said Danielle DiGiacomo, vice president of acquisitions for The Orchard. “We are so excited to partner with its creators and bring it to audiences around the world, who we know will be universally touched by this film.”

The deal was negotiated by Linzee Troubh of Cinetic Media on behalf the filmmakers and DiGiacomo on behalf of The Orchard.

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