No More Cut and Splice

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Fri, 01/09/2009 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Denmark's Dansk Reklame Film Adopts Digital Cinema Advertising Danish cinema advertising company Dansk Reklame Film has adopted Scala to deliver digital movie theater advertising to cinemas throughout Denmark. DRF produces advertising videos and stills in approximate 90 percent of all Danish cinema theatres: 52 cinemas with 235 cinema theatres in total. Traditionally DRF employees literally cut and spliced advertising film rolls onto movie rolls so the advertisement could be displayed before the movie. In addition to this manual work the film rolls also had to be transported to different locations therefore adding to the cost and complexity. DRF was searching for a more efficient way to manage the advertising process and wanted to improve the picture quality as well. DRF turned to Scala Certified Partner IntelliNet to find a solution to their challenges. We were looking for a partner that could be flexible trustworthy and deliver a module based product with high quality says Jimmy Hansen CFO of Dansk Reklame Film. IntelliNet suggested a completely digitized system for distribution of advertisements based on Scala Content Manager a multimedia management system which can show unique play lists at scheduled times on multiple players. With DRF's 235 cinema theatres it was too complex to use Scala Content Manager alone to create all these variations of play lists. DRF wanted to target and distribute the content based on the following criteria: campaign period cinema site cinema theatre feature film target group age and genre. This alone resulted in the need of managing several thousand playlists each day. To solve this challenge IntelliNet introduced Campaign Distribution Engine which gives DRF employees access through a web-interface to create campaigns link them to one or several media files and target cinemas and movies. Windows services run every night and create more than 4000 unique play lists and distribute them to each Cinema Player. The installation consists of 235 cinema players and projectors. Each movie theater has its own Cinema Player and projector integrated with automation networking and audio. The combination of IntelliNet's Campaign Distribution Engine and Scala's Content Manager has been a success. One important success criteria has been the possibility to integrate our Campaign Distribution Engine with the extensibility of Scala Content Manager using web services. Another important issue for us has been the programming of logic into sub-playlists for timing and control of cinema automation and audio systems for each Cinema Player says Oscar Hovland sales manager at IntelliNet. DRF have operated their digital advertising system for almost one year. 
We have been through an enormous change. Our digital advertising system has helped us gain an important competitive position in the cinema advertising marketplace and our workflow is much more efficient. The new flexible advertising offerings have been very well received by our customers says Hansen. Scala