New Paramount Films Available with SoundFi App

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Mon, 04/08/2019 - 13:27 -- Nick Dager

Select theatres in the United States and Europe are offering Paramount Pictures’ Wonder Park and Pet Sematary with the SoundFi app making the movies available in up to 24 languages.Select theatres in the United States and Europe are offering Paramount Pictures’ Wonder Park and Pet Sematary with the SoundFi app making the movies available in up to 24 languages.

Through its mobile app, SoundFi: At the Movies (free on both iOS and Android devices), moviegoers and their friends and family have the option to each enjoy the same movie in the language of their choice. This immersive binaural version of the movie's audio track in multiple languages is the result of collaborative work with the film's creatives and SoundFi on the mixing stage.  It is a seamless, easy to use and completely personalized audio experience delivered to users’ Smartphones and enjoyed using any pair of headphones. 

“We are thrilled to offer moviegoers in the United States and Europe the choice to enhance their cinema experience, and in doing so, attracting a broader and more diverse audience,” said Chris Anastas, founder and CEO, SoundFi. “It is a real privilege to be working with these titles from Paramount, and with the support of our exhibitor partners both here and in Europe, to help to bring to life the filmmaker vision in a new and innovative way, while expanding how movies are experienced for all audiences to enjoy.”

For Wonder Park, the moviegoer can choose from 24 languages, and for Pet Sematary, 11 languages are available. Thanks to SoundFi's patented synchronization technology, the downloaded audio track plays perfectly in sync with the movie without the need for wifi, Bluetooth or beacons in the cinema, and with no disruption to the fans enjoying the traditional loudspeaker audio in the theater. The encrypted audio file (minimal size file) automatically deletes from the device after playback of the movie.

The app also offers director’s commentary, as well as accessibility solutions for the hearing and visually impaired, ensuring that the latest movies in cinemas provide a truly inclusive experience.

SoundFi: At the Movies will launch at select locations in Los Angeles and Phoenix and overseas in the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Germany, with exclusive screening events planned in London, Zurich, and Berlin.  Specifically, in the U.S., SoundFi will be available to moviegoers at Cinepolis Pico Rivera and Harkins Theaters Cerritos 16 in the Los Angeles area, and at Harkins Theaters Tempe Marketplace and Harkins Estrella Falls 16 in the Phoenix area.

In Europe, SoundFi is excited to be partnering with Sennheiser, who is cross-promoting and sponsoring each of the SoundFi launch events screening Pet Sematary, in addition to offering their state-of-the-art headphones optimized for the cinema experience.