Matthews Studio Equipment Goes On the Road With Alex Buono

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Fri, 07/31/2015 - 12:27 -- Nick Dager

MSE is supporting Alex Buono’s 2015 Visual Storytelling Workshop Tour 2Matthews Studio Equipment’s Burbank manufacturing facility is supplying a wide range of grip equipment to support Alex Buono’s 2015 Visual Storytelling Workshop Tour 2.

Buono is no stranger to Matthews support. It is his mainstay, when he is shooting the signature short films that are integral to Saturday Night Live. “I couldn’t do my job at SNL without MSE’s grip equipment backing me up,” he says adamantly. “We’re always pushing the visual envelope. Sometimes it’s arming a light way into a set or through a window. Needing to do it fast. Do it safe. And stretch the boundaries, so to speak.”

Buono said, “When you have a traveling road show, you have to keep the gear package limited and know that everything, stands, flags, overhead, and specialty items will always be ready to perform. Matthews has never let me down.”

“It’s what I tell my audience at every workshop,” he added. “I emphasize that Matthews equipment is simply the defacto standard in the industry. I tell them that it’s affordable and adaptable. Whether it’s a simple c-stand or a complex car mount – they need to learn not only the practical way to use the tools but also to only choose tools they can rely on to support their creativity.”

The 2015 Visual Storytelling Tour helps filmmakers apply core principles of cinematography and artistic visual elements in order to enhance audience engagement and make stories memorable. The Tour began on July 22 in Detroit and will ring the United States, finishing in New York September 20th

Tickets are still available through his website.

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