Marcus Theatres Installing Barco Auro 11.1 Cinema Audio, JBL Loudspeakers

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Wed, 10/09/2013 - 11:46 -- Nick Dager

Marcus Theatres UltraScreen auditorium.Marcus Theatres is installing Barco’s Auro 11.1 cinema audio and JBL loudspeakers in its new UltraScreen giant-screen auditoriums.

“Marcus Theatres was the first circuit to introduce the concept of a branded premium large format screen and continually strives to make the experience even better for our guests. Partnering with the industry’s leading digital cinema companies is critical to our success,” said Rolando Rodriquez, president and CEO of Marcus Theatres. “With Barco and JBL, we are excited that we can deliver a one-of-a-kind cinema experience where our guests will be truly immersed in a movie like never before.” 

Marcus Theatres is evaluating plans to expand the Barco Auro 11.1 cinema sound system to additional UltraScreen premium auditoriums featuring Barco’s 4K digital projection. 

Barco’s Auro 11.1 is designed in accordance with a sound reproduction layout consisting of three layers: traditional Surround Sound with height and overhead layers and is compatible with existing audio equipment and current workflows. The JBL CBT 70J-1 Line Array Column Surrounds with Constant Beam Width Technology and Asymmetrical Coverage produces a higher concentration of sound with tighter pattern control for very consistent SPL levels throughout the auditorium.

“We are pleased to work with Marcus Theaters and Barco as the Auro 11.1 sound format promotes our technical prowess in cinema audio. Marcus UltraScreen is the perfect setting to showcase our CBT series that has gained popularity for cinemas looking for high impact surround solutions,” said Chuck Goodsell, director of cinema for JBL Professional. 

“With Auro 11.1, we’re helping studios and exhibitors bring movies to life with a variety of cutting-edge technologies, including Auro 11.1, as well as other value-added promotional opportunities on the horizon.  These next-generation cinema solutions will combine to give the movie going public a richer, more immersive cinema experience on a grand scale,” said Patrick Lee, vice president digital cinema for Barco North America. 

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