JinYi Cinemas Asia’s First All-Laser Multiplex

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Mon, 12/14/2015 - 12:44 -- Nick Dager

JinYi CinemasChinese exhibitor JinYi Cinemas will establish the first all-laser multiplex in Asia. JinYi will install a Barco DP4K-30L flagship laser projector and a wide range of laser phosphor projectors throughout its brand-new Guangzhou multiplex.

JinYi and Barco share a long history of successful collaboration. The Chinese exhibitor was the first to deploy Barco’s DP4K-60L flagship laser projector. Impressed with the projector’s exceptional image quality and its success with the cinema audience, JinYi decided to rely on Barco again to turn its new venue in Guangzhou – slated to open in the next few weeks – into an all-laser multiplex powered by Barco’s flagship laser and laser phosphor projectors. JinYi will deploy Barco’s flagship laser projector (DP4K-30L) for its premium screen, as well as several laser phosphor cinema projectors for the other screens.

“Barco laser is the pinnacle of cinema projection and we’re overwhelmed with pride to be the first exhibitor in China to combine Barco’s premium RGB and laser phosphor technology in our Guangzhou destination,” said Xu Shouwei, general manager of JinYi Cinemas project center. “We believe Barco laser is the best choice as it not only enables us to offer a differentiating and superior movie experience to our audiences, we’re also able to simplify our internal operations and drive our costs down.”

“With more than 70 of our flagship laser projectors installed or committed, it’s clear that exhibitors worldwide are moving to laser now and Barco is trailblazing the transition,” said Stijn Henderickx, vice president cinema at Barco. “We not only provide the widest range of laser-illuminated cinema projectors in the industry, our portfolio is also fully complementary: the 6P flagship laser projectors for premium screens offer unprecedented image quality at an attractive total cost of ownership while our brand-new laser phosphor series for medium screens cut costs significantly and provide superior image quality.”