The Internship

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Tue, 06/18/2013 - 13:00 -- Bob Gibbons

By Bob Gibbons

The InternshipThis is an entertaining and casual bit of summer fun. There’s a little something in here for most everyone to enjoy and while some remarks are mildly suggestive, nothing is overtly offensive. Like the search engine Google itself, this is a movie that can take you anywhere you want to go.  It’s a two-hour exploration of “Googliness.”  Under the direction of Shawn Levy, this “two-fish-out-of-water” story strikes a nice balance between technology and humanity, between the importance of solving problems alone and the values of finding solutions together.  

The laughs are light, but pleasant and frequent. And the movie delivers a good moral: Those who spend all their time looking at a computer screen, tend to miss the magic that the bigger world has to offer. Some scenes are overly long and many are too ‘talky’ – but there is gentle humor in here also. These are two guys who keep confusing “bugs” and “passwords” -- and who can’t remember that people go “on line,” not “on the line.” The kids have to explain using “Muggle words.”  You’ve seen this basic story before, but it all comes with a nice sense of pace – and hope. Maybe it is possible for the analog generation – and the digital one – to learn from each other. And to find a job along the way.