FutureWorks First Certified Dolby Premiere Studio in India

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Wed, 10/09/2013 - 15:07 -- Nick Dager

FutureWorks is India's first to receive Dolby Premiere Studio Certification.Dolby Laboratories announced today that Mumbai’s FutureWorks is the first studio in India to receive a Dolby Premiere Studio Certification. With the installation of Dolby Atmos mixing capabilities, FutureWorks now offers a world-class facility and audio post-production environment to filmmakers and sound engineers in India.

According to Dolby, the Premier Studio Certification is a measure of technical excellence at every level of the studio’s operation. Room acoustics, monitoring standards (visual as well as audio), equipment selection, installation standard, synchronization accuracy, and mixing and technical competence are all measured and evaluated as part of the certification process. The standards for the certification are based on Dolby’s research and vast experience of having worked in almost every audio post-production studio producing soundtracks in every part of the globe.

“Dolby works closely with the cinema industry to enhance the quality of the entertainment experience. To that end, we equip filmmakers with the tools to help them make their vision come alive. With FutureWorks becoming the first certified Dolby Premier Studio equipped with Dolby Atmos in India, we are bringing world-class entertainment technology to an exceptionally talented group of Indian filmmakers,” said Pankaj Kedia, country manager, Dolby Laboratories India.

Gaurav Gupta, managing director, FutureWorks said, “We at FutureWorks are delighted to receive the first Dolby Premier Studio Certification with Dolby Atmos in India. Dolby has helped filmmakers to realize and preserve their creative vision and to deliver amazing experiences to audiences with Dolby Atmos. For a premium entertainment experience, it is important for sound to be as impactful as the picture to truly make people believe they are in the movie. We look forward to offering the industry the sound of the future with this revolutionary technology.”

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