A First in Lithuania

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Sun, 03/22/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Kino Teatras Saulė is the Country’s First Theatre with Digital 3D The Kino Teatras Saulė theatre in Šiauliai has become the first cinema in Lithuania to install a digital 3D system. Its first 3D presentation was Disney’s Bolt which screened in late February. The technology includes  a Dolby 3D system that was installed along with a Kinoton DCP 70 L digital cinema projector by Muzikos Ekspresas Ltd. The theatre seats 722 and has a 25-by-10 meter screen – the biggest screen in Lithuania. The Kino Teatras Saulė was the first large theatre in Lithuania when built in 1966 and is still is one of the most prominent cinemas in Lithuania. The theatre has always placed great importance on offering a perfect movie experience to its visitors. The theatre is also believed to have the largest stained glass window in Lithuania. All in all Kinoton digital cinema systems have been installed or are scheduled for installation in 22 countries so far. Further orders are due within a short time. Kinoton expects to have placed digital cinema systems in more than 25 countries this year. “Kinoton has been serving the cinema industry for more than 60 years. Over this long period we have accumulated an extensive expertise and technological competence. What is more we are very well versed in exhibitors’ requirements and everyday troubles. Accordingly we have tailored our DCP projectors consistently to theatrical needs leaving out all the frills and sticking strictly to the main features essential for cinema use: perfect picture quality maximum reliability easy operation and easy maintenance ” says CEO Christoph Dobler.