Fast and Furious 6

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Tue, 06/25/2013 - 14:51 -- Bob Gibbons

By Bob Gibbons

Fast and Furious 6If you’re not a ‘car guy’ – and I’m definitely not a ‘car guy’ – this is a really long and very repetitious movie.  But it’s not a disappointing one because what you get is exactly what you expect – a movie that downshifts past an incomprehensible storyline, upshifts through poor acting, powers its way through massive plot holes, and slides around a total lack of suspense of any kind.  Everyone is just clutching the steering wheel, tromping the accelerator, whipping through city streets at triple-digit speeds, and hanging on through a predictable story until Vin Diesel in his gravelly incomprehensive way says the adventure is over.  But face it; you don’t go to a movie like this one to see an Oscar-worthy performance; you go expecting to see guys (and the butt-kicking women who love them) race and shoot and macho their way through impossible situations and through big-budget locations to the sounds of amped-up rap music and revved-up driving machines.  There’s nothing here you haven’t seen before, but seriously – were you expecting that, either?  And it’s also not particularly well done but then it doesn’t have to be.  If you want to see cars and stunt people and even an airplane doing preposterous things, you’ve come to the right movie.  But, judging by the number of visual effects companies and digital artists listed at the end, you have to wonder:  Just how much was real anyway? But that doesn’t matter either.  What matters is that you don’t try any of this driving at home.