Element Technica Delivering First 3D Rigs

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Wed, 12/09/2009 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Element Technica is now delivering the first new Quasar 3D Rigs to owner/operators and camera rental houses. The Quasar is designed to accommodate full-size digital cinema cameras like the Sony F23 and F35 Red One Panavision Genesis as well as full-body and box-type digital broadcast cameras like the Sony F950 and 1500 Philips LDK and others. Regardless of the cameras utilized the company says that the Quasar’s precision and refinement make it an ideal platform for matching zoom or prime lenses to accommodate any shooting style or format.   Prior to introduction of the Technica 3D Rigs 3D production typically used heavy and complicated equipment requiring specialized tools and a dedicated crew which made it practical for only an elite few. The Technica 3D Series overcomes these stumbling blocks by providing 3D systems that are lighter weight and less costly – bringing 3D acquisition down to the simplicity of traditional 2D production. Technica 3D Rigs require only a set of Allen wrenches and a mirror gauge for complete camera/lens installation and precise alignment which can be completed in less than 15 minutes as opposed to the hours required with other professional 3D systems. “We decided on the Technica rigs for a number of reasons ” says Robert Keslow CEO of Los Angeles rental house Keslow Camera “the most important being the outstanding quality of work that Element produces and their willingness to listen and adapt to what DPs assistants and stereographers want or need. The decision to go with Element Technica was an easy one for me to make.” On the east coast Offhollywood has also placed Technica 3D Rigs in its rental inventory. “We tracked all the leading 3D rig manufacturers and Element Technica's early prototypes caught our eye ” says Offhollywood co-founder and owner Mark Pederson. “We had forged a relationship with ET early on because they were making the very best accessories for the Red One cameras and we let them know we were serious about 3D.” Element Technica co-founder Stephen Pizzo says that the fact that Technica 3D Rigs are in traditional camera rental house inventories is a sign that ET’s equipment is normalizing 3D production.  “Now for the first time the very best 3D acquisition equipment can be rented much like a traditional camera package. Combine that with the ability to choose your own crew as well as your favorite post facility and you gain greater creative control over the entire 3D process.” Both Keslow and Pederson see 3D production ramping up quickly. “In 12 short months we have seen many feature films My Bloody Valentine Bolt Up Coraline and the much-anticipated Avatar to name a few all being released in 3D. Even an episode of the television show Chuck was shot in 3D ” says Keslow. Pederson agrees. “The demand and interest in 3D is massive. We are fully committed to becoming a leader in providing 3D camera systems support and post services.” Technica 3D systems will soon be available in three different sizes to accommodate a variety of cameras. In addition to the largest system Quasar the mid-sized Pulsar mounts box-style digital cinema cameras such as the Scarlet Epic and the SI-2K. The ultra-small Neutron is designed for the tiny 2/3-inch or 1/3-inch imager cameras sporting C-mount lenses such as the SI-2K MINI and the Iconix. All three Technica 3D Rig systems can convert from parallel to beam splitter configuration and back depending on the application. Element Technica www.technica3D.com