EclairPlay Connects Exhibitors, Content Owners

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Tue, 03/21/2017 - 11:29 -- Nick Dager

Éclair today announced the launch of EclairPlay, its new all-in-one download platform connecting exhibitors and content owners around the world.Éclair today announced the launch of EclairPlay, its new all-in-one download platform connecting exhibitors and content owners around the world. The EclairPlay platform is designed for cinema exhibitors, providing access to a growing range of digital cinema package content available for download and projection as well as to all tools and content marketing material necessary for successful programming and audience building.  

Eclair will be hosting exclusive EclairPlay demos at CinemaCon next week at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

EclairPlay will be given a staggered release in Europe on a territory-by-territory basis. In the US, the service will be launched during the second quarter of 2017.

EclairPlay will be demoed at CinemaCon 2017.“EclairPlay offers a multitude of new features equally tailored to exhibitors’ and content owners’ needs,” said Christophe Lacroix, senior vice president of Eclair. “EclairPlay provides exhibitors around the world with additional access to marketing tools and assets as well as screener functions crucial to their successful programming. Subject to rights availability provided by right holders, it offers first- and second-run releases, event cinema premiers, film festival offerings, repertory titles, and more, within a brand-new user-friendly interface, upgraded and optimized to match exhibitor needs and facilitate their work.”

“In the states, EclairPlay launches as a new and enhanced version of CineConductor, Eclair’s highly regarded download platform for exhibitors & distributors of Specialty Film & Event Cinema fare,” said Barry Rebo, managing director of Eclair USA. “CineConductor has proven to be a successful and valuable tool for many exhibitors, especially in their logistical needs. Now, with EclairPlay, we go a step further, providing new opportunities to programmers, theatre owners and rights holders. Accessible from any connected device, they will be able to browse content with extended filters and be inspired by genre specific collections of content organized by various types and themes. They can directly order Feature and Trailer DCPs for e-delivery and gain instant access to publicity material kits.”

For Daniel Danciu, Eclair's vice president theatrical delivery, “EclairPlay is also designed to support content owners in building awareness of their overall brand, beyond any given single title, through dedicated collections, highlighted placements, and strategic exposure given to content as well as marketing assets and kits. It offers activity dashboards accessible from anywhere with real-time tracking of deliveries and intelligent reporting to measure and maximize business.”

EclairPlay will be available at