ECA Introduces Event Cinema’s First Technical Handbook

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Tue, 01/13/2015 - 11:13 -- Nick Dager

ECA Introduces Event Cinema’s First Technical HandbookThe Event Cinema Association will introduce its long-awaited Technical Delivery Handbook on January 20 at the Ray Dolby Theatre at Dolby Europe in Soho Square. This marks the first time the event cinema industry has received a set of recommendations from live capture in the venue to exhibition in a cinema. The handbook was written by those in the supply chain themselves, from production companies to satellite providers, from distributors to exhibitors.

There will be an opportunity for Q&A, followed by a Dolby Atmos demonstration of the recent event cinema release of The Crucible (Digital Theatre/CinemaLive) and a light lunch reception afterwards, sponsored by Dolby.

The handbook is the brainchild of the ECA’s managing director Melissa Cogavin. It is the culmination of more than a year’s work from a committee of 14 industry experts, chaired by Peter Wilson of HDDC. The experts included representatives from BBC Worldwide, Arqiva, LANsat, DSAT Cinema, Vue Cinemas, CinemaLive and the Royal Opera House as well as the expertise of a number of highly skilled individuals from across Europe.  

Cogavin said, “We are very proud of this handbook. It echoes the mission statement of the ECA to support the event cinema industry, and we are passionate about educating and informing this growth area. We are thrilled to be launching the event with our partners Dolby and our fantastic sponsors, and feel strongly that we are helping to legitimize this still-young industry by advocating best practice all across the supply chain.”

LANsat, Ymagis and DSAT sponsored the handbook.

Simon Tandy, chief commercial officer of motion picture solutions, LANsat said, “Having the industry on the same page technically enables cinema audiences to watch live content as it has been intended. A handbook aimed at raising the bar, in that regard, can only be a good thing. We are very proud of what LANsat does for the industry and to be involved in this handbook.”

Manel Carreras, senior vice president marketing & content services, Ymagis said, “The event cinema industry has evolved sufficiently that now is the right time for such a handbook to be published. The event cinema industry has reached proportions where the quality of the content cannot afford to be compromised by a lack of knowledge in its execution, so for that reason Ymagis is delighted to be endorsing such a worthwhile endeavor.”

Fabrice Testa CEO of DSAT Cinema said, “As a board member of the ECA and a longtime supporter of event cinema I am delighted the vision of this handbook has now become a reality. It gives the whole industry a reference point and we will be stronger for it as a result.”

The ECA is also working on a series of technical training days based on the expertise contained in the handbook over the following year, as well as an interactive guide on the ECA website. These training courses will take place across the UK in 2015, with more information to follow shortly.

The handbook will be distributed internationally in partnership with other trade associations and via the ECA website.  All ECA members will receive a free copy, with subsequent copies available at £15 + VAT. Non-members can also purchase the handbook for £75 + VAT.

Contact [email protected] for more information.