Digital Domain Wins 2015 AICP VFX Award

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Tue, 06/09/2015 - 11:21 -- Nick Dager

Destiny Becomes LegendDigital Domain was honored at the 2015 AICP Awards for Best Visual Effects for the commercial, Destiny Become Legend. Directed by acclaimed feature filmmaker Joseph Kosinski, Digital Domain collaborated with agency 72andSunny and live action production company Reset, to create this breathtaking piece for one of the year’s best selling games.  The piece for the first person shooter features a stunning blend of cinematic live action and visual effects.

“We at Digital Domain are thrilled for the Destiny team,” said Rich Flier, president of advertising and games. “The artists here continue to produce the best work in the business and this is a well deserved recognition.”

A longtime collaborator with director Kosinski (Tron: Legacy, Oblivion,) visual effects supervisor Eric Barba and the live action production company Reset, sought to create a visually cinematic narrative that brings the game world to life with a seamless integration of photo-real CG and live action footage.  Shot in exotic locations such as Tampico, Mexico and Moab, Utah the production sought to capture as much in camera as they could so Digital Domain could work their magic.  Augmenting everything from characters to environmental elements such as fire and landscapes, the Digital Domain team took the exotic Earth-bound locations and transformed them into the pulse pounding game locations of Mars, Venus and the Moon. 

“This project exemplifies our ability to deliver commercial clients the same caliber of VFX that our Hollywood studio clients are accustomed to,” said Barba. “We used a lot of the same techniques from our features VFX pipeline.”

The piece delivers the promise of action packed game play from beginning to end. Adding to the adrenaline-pumping pace is Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song.  

“72andSunny had a strong idea of what music they wanted going in,” said Barba. “Anytime you get to create a piece of cinema to Led Zeppelin, you’ve already got a strong foundation for a visual piece like this. You just have to make sure the picture lives up to that classic track.”

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