CinemaxX Mannheim Focuses on Sound

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Thu, 09/29/2016 - 12:12 -- Nick Dager

CinemaxX Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, has upgrade its Alcons Audio system for Dolby Atmos.With 700 seats, the Kino 10 of CinemaxX Mannheim is among the largest cinemas in Baden-Württemberg. And at nearly 280 square meters, the screen is definitely the largest. Years ago Filmtheaterbetriebe Spickert Entertainment, operator of the CinemaxX installed an Alcons Cinemarray pro-ribbon system. The theatre has converted to Dolby Atmos and new Alcons technology has taken center stage.

CinemaxX Mannheim has also installed Thunder Seats, with a woofer integrated into the cinema seat to make the movie experience even more intense and direct.

The original sound system comprised three Alcons CRA30n and three Alcons CRA30w 3-way Cinemarray Pro-Ribbon screen sound systems, assembled in three stacks (L, C, R) of one CRA30w and CRA30n each. LFE was taken care of by four Alcons CB362 (2x18-inch) high-output subwoofers. For the surround-sound 24 units Alcons CRS8 2-way pro-ribbon surround systems were installed. Three Alcons ALC2 2x 1kW and eight Alcons ALC4 2x 2kW Amplified-Loudspeaker Controllers – each with on-board SDP processor modules – drive and control the system.

“With the Alcons sound system, we have created in our Kino 10 one of the most modern cinemas in Europe. The professionalism and quality of Alcons has convinced us from the start,” said Frank Noreiks, CEO of Filmtheaterbetriebe Spickert Entertainment.

As part of the Atmos upgrade, numerous Alcons systems have now been added. The surround system was expanded with two CB211SL 21-inch shallow subwoofers, two pro-ribbon CRS12GT (12-inch LF + 6-inch pro-ribbon), 14 pro-ribbon CRS12 (12-inch LF + 4-inch pro-ribbon) as well as six CCS12 and ten CCS8 (coaxial) surround speakers. Nine Sentinel3 4-channel amplified loudspeaker controllers with 36 channels were also added to control and drive the system.

The speaker systems have been installed as top surrounds and wall surrounds, according to the Dolby-calculated design. This makes the CinemaxX Mannheim currently the only cinema with Atmos technology on this side of the Rhine in the Rhine-Neckar region.

According to Alcons, its pro-ribbon mid- high frequency transducers reproduce the original sound of a movie without signal summation, coloration or distortion of sound.

Noreiks said, "Today moviegoers specifically look for upgraded cinemas. To that extent the conversion to the latest technologies offers us a clear competitive advantage. Dolby Atmos for us is the logical development of the already existing Dolby systems in our cinemas such as Dolby 7.1. The addition of additional audio channels creats an even more realistic sound experience for the viewer. It is noteworthy that it’s not about increasing the sound pressure level, but perfecting the sound experience to a higher resolution."

Both for the initial and the subsequent installation of the loudspeakers Fours GmbH from Heidelberg was commissioned, under the project and installation management of Florian Iser. Last July the CinemaxX finally celebrated the premiere of the new sound system with Independence Day: Resurgence.

Noreiks said, "Our Kino 10 is a cinema of the future; more cinema is not possible. With Alcons, we have the most competent partner on our side to make cinema as progressive as possible."

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