Centaurus Cineplex Opens in Islamabad

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Tue, 06/18/2013 - 13:16 -- Nick Dager

The Centaurus mega-mall in Islamabad, PakistanThe new Centaurus Cineplex opens its doors this month in the new The Centaurus mega-mall in Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital city. The Centaurus is a modern building complex that combines a mall with residential and business facilities.

Throughout the multiplex, programs are controlled and managed by Kinoton’s Theater Management System. All of the connected systems can also be remotely maintained and monitored via the Kinoton Remote System to generate significant time and cost savings. Brand-new, state-of-the-art sound systems round out the digital cinema experience.

Kinoton’s Pakistani distributor, Pakwestrex, in collaboration with Mandviwalla Entertainment, which operates the Centaurus Cineplex, installed the systems. The TMS software enables central control and management of both auditoriums and projection booths. This includes loading, managing, and distributing content, DCPs, and KDMs, programming and planning of shows, and central storage of DCPs in a library.

The Centaurus Cineplex in Islamabad, PakistanIn addition, all digital cinema projection systems can be remotely maintained with the aid of the KRS. As a result, the Kinoton distributor’s service technicians can quickly access and monitor equipment in projection booths and offer assistance if any problems develop. Via “My Cinemas”, Centaurus Cineplex personnel can use the Internet to view the status of the connected D-Cinema equipment in all projection booths from anywhere. For showing 3D movies, some of the auditoriums feature active and passive 3D systems.

The theatre’s five auditoriums seat a total of 520. Cinema 5, with only 17 seats, is designed as a premium auditorium for meeting high expectations.

The Centaurus shopping center, which was inaugurated in February, is intended to boost Pakistan’s attractiveness for organizers of international conferences and seminars while symbolizing the country’s growth.

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