Axle Video Releases Axle AI

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Thu, 04/20/2017 - 11:44 -- Nick Dager

Axle Video has released axle ai, which it calls “a breakthrough media analysis and search platform.”Axle Video has released axle ai, which it calls “a breakthrough media analysis and search platform.” Post-production teams can use axle ai to save a tremendous amount of time that would otherwise be spent manually tagging their media, and can benefit from the ability to find media that may not have been managed at all, often simply with cryptic multi-digit filenames from camera media.

The ‘ai’ in axle ai stands for Artificial Intelligence, shorthand for a variety of deep learning technologies which are rapidly making machine analysis of media files not only possible, but compelling in real-world use. 

Based on axle Video’s browser user interface and a visual analysis and search engine licensed from Visual Atoms, a UK developer of deep learning software, axle ai helps video post-production teams bypass the laborious task of entering detailed metadata about every scene. Instead, users simply select a frame from a video, or grab an image from any onscreen source including web pages. axle ai is then able to rapidly identify a ranked list of media clips, as well as the exact segments in those clips, whose contents most closely match the image.

The first shipping configuration to deliver this power is the axle ai Appliance, which combines the axle ai software with a networked processor system with very high throughput optimized to run the axle ai video search and analysis algorithms. The axle ai platform is extensible to encompass additional onsite and cloud-based engines in the future, and is intended to offer the best available infrastructure for this class of media analysis. 

“Axle ai is a major breakthrough in media management productivity”, said Sam Bogoch, axle Video CEO. “In conjunction with axle 2017, it brings automatic metadata creation, faster production, and new possibilities for media search and reuse to a wide range of video professionals. This type of solution was not even conceivable until very recently, and we are excited to be the leaders in bringing it to market.”

“Axle ai’s search engine employs the latest in Deep Learning technology to effortlessly link landmarks, locations, products or logos, based on their visual similarity,” said Miroslaw Bober, CTO at Visual Atoms. “Axle ai saves users time and money in everyday tasks such as discovery of relevant content, finding alternative content, locating the rushes for a given scene in a shoot, linking edits back to rushes or finding instances of the licensed material.”  

The axle ai Appliance is priced at $4,995 preconfigured including the software, the network hardware and the ability to analyze and search against 2,000 hours of source material.  Licenses for analysis and search against additional hours of media are priced at $1,650 per 1,000 hours of footage.

Complete turnkey solutions including axle 2017 media management software, a hardware configuration to run the software and a connected axle ai Appliance are priced from $9,995 and up.

Larger server-based or VM configurations are available for quotation on request.  The product is available for immediate order from axle Video and its resellers worldwide, with shipments beginning May 31.

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