AOS Technologies Releases New Family of High-Speed Cameras

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Thu, 01/08/2015 - 11:53 -- Nick Dager

AOS Technologies has released a new family of high-speed cameras.AOS Technologies has released a new family of high-speed cameras. Engineers have designed two HD models embedded with a unique technology to provide high-speed recordings from 1,000 to 2,000 fps in FullHD Format.

FullHD format has the distinct advantage of providing more visual data with more clarity than standard formats. The world of high-speed recording is only beginning to explore the possibilities of this technology, and AOS Technologies is leading the way with its pair of new HD models.

The S-Mize HD embodies rugged versatility and power in a small package. The camera is the perfect choice whenever space is at a premium, such as onboard automotive crash testing. Standard recording speed is 1,000 fps in FullHD format; low-resolution recording enables speeds up to 5,000 fps, which allow for the capture of exceedingly brief events.

The Q-Mize HD is one step up from the S-Mize HD, offering FullHD format recordings at 2,000 fps. At reduced resolutions, the camera is capable of an astonishing 10,000 fps. Despite this added capacity, the Q-Mize HD retains the compact size and incredible durability of the S-Mize HD.

Portability is the essence of the new HD models. Both the S-Mize HD and the Q-Mize incorporate a rechargeable battery to support mobility; as for data backup, the HD models have up to 10.4 GB of onboard memory, along with an optional flash card extension slot for another 64 GB of extra storage. These features combined empower technicians and researchers to conduct field research without necessarily worrying about the accessibility of a PC or other device for downloading image sequences.

Withstanding the most extreme conditions is a hallmark of all AOS Technologies cameras, and the new HD models are no exception. They've been put through the most demanding of shock, vibration and G-force testing and have more than proven their worth. The HD models can tolerate sustained G-forces of over 100 G and spikes up to 200 G. These qualities make them ideal in not only crash testing, but also defense applications and highly demanding research and development projects. Among the cameras' optional extensions is the capacity to endure an extended temperature range, from as low as -40 F to as high as 130 F. Increased thermal range does not affect the size of the cameras.

Both HD models feature a proprietary algorithm that outputs recordings at a format of 1920 x 1080, the FullHD standard. Likewise, recordings can be rapidly downloaded via Gigabit Ethernet connection.

In summary, AOS Technologies has once again delivered a forward-thinking solution for engineers and researchers who rely on high-speed recording in extreme conditions. With the S-Mize HD and Q-Mize HD bringing FullHD format to the arena of high-speed cameras, users can now see and learn more than ever before about instantaneous events.

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