Announcing the 2016 Catalyst Awards

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Mon, 03/07/2016 - 13:31 -- Nick Dager

The 2016 Catalyst AwardDigital Cinema Report will, once again, present a Catalyst Award to the best new technology introduced at this year’s CinemaCon. The National Association of Theatre Owners’ annual trade show convenes at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas April 11-14. With the digital cinema transition essentially over and virtual print fee agreements drawing to a close, exhibitors have turned their attention to the future. Quality content is essential to the success of any movie theatre but today more is needed to remain competitive.

Manufacturers are answering that challenge with new ideas in software and hardware. The technology exhibits at last year’s show last year represented a new highpoint in that regard. This year promises to offer more of the same.

Last years winners exemplified the best in technology innovation and included Barco Escape, Arts Alliance Media and Highlands Technologies’ CineCardz, Dolby Cinema, Philips LightVibes, and, from the CJ Group, ScreenX.

To qualify for a Catalyst Award, a product or service must be making its U.S. debut at CinemaCon. It must be new or represent a significant advancement in an existing product or service. Prototypes and technology in Beta testing will be considered as long as they’re on display at the show on the exhibit floor or in a suite.

There are no limitations on the number of awards that will be presented, and there is no certainty that any will be; that all depends on the technology being displayed. Nominations aren’t necessary but are welcomed.

See you at the show