50K and a Call: A Love Story Gets International Release

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Mon, 05/19/2014 - 14:42 -- Nick Dager

50K and a Call: A Love Story gets international release.

Written by Ross Patterson and directed by Seth Grossman, the film tells the story of Ross (played by Patterson) who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and told he only has a few weeks to live. Ross sets off on a crosscountry journey armed with a fuck-it list of things to do. He is accompanied by his best friend (played by Grossman, who documents the trip), his friend’s girlfriend (Lauren Aboulafia) and a call girl (Jessie Wiseman).

The fourth feature produced by McMahon, Drew and Patterson, the film has drawn broad critical praise. Under the Gun called it “lighthearted and uplifting” and “a great addition to the mockumentary genre.” Critic C.A. Milson called it, “A great movie that is a must-see.”

Production of the film spanned 40 days and 26 states. Shooting was done documentary style and all the events depicted in it were captured live, including Ross’s skydiving adventure, trip to a World Series game and hallucinogenic mushroom trip in Joshua Tree. “It’s a film about relationships and love,” says Patterson. “I want people to ask themselves what they would do if they had only a limited amount of time left on earth.”

Producers McMahon and Drew, principals of the Los Angeles-based production company A Common Thread, have developed a reputation for producing smart, well-crafted independent films that are also commercially viable. The three previous films that they produced with Patterson, FDR: American Badass, Poolboy: Drowning Out the Fury and Darnell Dawkins: Mouth Guitar Legend, have all been sold to international distributors.

“We’re four for four,” says Patterson. “Jay and Tristan look for the best talent and they nurture that talent while letting them do what they do best. They give artists the freedom to make great art, while also keeping an eye on financial success.”

Watch the official trailer here.

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