Zecotek Granted Patents for Glasses-Free 3D Display System

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Wed, 05/30/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Zecotek Photonics has announced that the European Patent Office has issued a Notice of Allowance and the Eurasian Patent Office has issued a Notification on Readiness to Grant a Eurasian Patent for the 3D/2D switchable optical imaging system for its glasses-free 3D auto-stereoscopic display system. The European Notice of Allowance and the Eurasian Notification on Readiness add to the other global patents including U.S. patent number 7 944 465 covering glasses-free 3D auto-stereoscopic display system strengthening Zecotek's worldwide patent position as the company moves to fully commercialize its innovative 3D technology and other photonics technology. We take considerable care in the protection of our intellectual property and receiving the Notice of Allowance from the European Union for our glasses-free 3D display system is very important to the overall commercialization of this valuable technology said Dr. A.F. Zerrouk chairman president and CEO of Zecotek Photonics. Our 3D auto-stereoscopic display offers a real volumetric 3D viewing experience with one of the widest viewing angles and the highest resolution compared to competing technologies and it is critical that the IP be protected. Our objective is to pursue full commercialization of our 3D technology with a strategic partner. The European patent allowance includes all countries of the European Union. The Eurasia Patent Organization includes 9 former-Soviet nations: Russian Federation Republic of Kazakhstan Turkmenistan Kyrgyz Republic Republic of Belarus Republic of Tajikistan Republic of Azerbaijan Republic of Moldova and Republic of Armenia. The European and Eurasian patent allowances cover the 3D/2D switchable optical imaging system of Zecotek's Real-Time 3D Display. The 3D/2D switchable optical imaging system further improves the core capabilities of the 3D display technology by introducing a software-selectable full-resolution 2D mode with viewing angles and dynamic range/colour depth on par with conventional 2D displays. The patent covers technology for 3D and 2D modes dynamic adjustment of viewing angle number and width of viewing zones as well as the functionality to dynamically control the positioning of different viewing zones. Patents have now been granted to Zecotek for its 3D display system in Europe Eurasia the United States and Australia. Patents have been filed and are pending in Japan China Korea and India.