Zacuto Opens Professional Video Sales Showroom in Chicago

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Wed, 08/27/2008 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Zacuto has opened a professional video sales showroom in River North Chicago. The company says it is now the only full service showroom in Chicago selling professional video camera setups. The focus of the new showroom is on the Zacuto USA brand of products all designed and manufactured in the USA. Zacuto also is a complete reseller of a large brand selection of production equipment cameras and accessories. Zacuto products are used to create cinema style camera setups for independent filmmakers turning their small HD cameras into camera packages able to shoot feature films. Zacuto’s products come with a lifetime warranty and are known worldwide as the most innovative and highest quality you can buy.   With the addition of 1 500 square feet of space at 401 West Ontario Zacuto now occupies just over 9 000 total square feet on two floors. Some of the new renovations include an interior spiral stairway connecting the two floors expanded rental prep area assembly area three night drop rooms and 1 000 square feet combined use room that can be used for exhibitions seminars shoots and more. Additionally Zacuto has garage and valet parking for their customers.   The finished office is outfitted in Zacuto’s colors of red silver and black. Joanne Brychel of Paint and Paper Works Inc. was hired to do the interior design and painting. Zacuto has created an expansive gallery through out the office with an impressive collection of over 50 vintage video cameras and monitors some directly from the private collection of the owners who have been in production end of the business for over 25 years.   Zacuto