Zacuto Introduces Grip Relocator C-Shooter Rig for Canon Cinema EOS Cameras

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Tue, 04/02/2013 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Designed specifically for Canon’s Cinema EOS line Zacuto has introduced the ENG Grip Relocator and the C-Shooter rig working with the C100 C300 and C500 cameras. 

Like a traditional ENG style camera the ENG Grip Relocator includes the Zacuto Grip Relocator (for the Canon C100-300-500) with a 15mm rod mount intended to put the grip directly to the side of the rods. To mount this combination to a rig just slide the mount onto a set of 15mm rails that run below the camera and tighten. The Canon C100-300 removable grip attaches directly to the Zacuto Relocator handle and the right angle cable connects to the port of the camera.  The new ENG Grip Relocator is a simpler design that puts the C100 or C300 grip where most operators want it on the rods close to the lens and near the centerline of the rig said Patrick Fee product designer at Zacuto. For customers looking to add more ergonomics and functionality to a C100 C300 or C500 shoulder rig the ENG Grip Relocator is a no-brainer. 

 The C-Shooter rig is a shoulder-mounted rig that centers on the Zacuto Studio Baseplate with 12-inch rods for the Canon C100 C300 and C500 cameras. The kit is made up of a soft shoulder pad that just slides on the 12-inch rods has a 3.5lb weight that sits behind the shoulder pad (to create counterbalance) and comes with the Zacuto ENG Relocator. With the removable camera grip attached directly to the Grip Relocator and the cable connected to the port of the camera users have trigger or on/off control lens aperture control and a programmable function button that can be set to a number of things including waveform 1 to 1 zoom zebras my menu and many more.  Fee said The C-Shooter has all the essentials: baseplate shoulder pad fully functional handgrip and a counterweight for balance. It's a great low cost shoulder rig with a lot of benefits and room to expand or accessorize. There has been nothing but positive feedback on this one.