Ymagis Group Launches Specialized Content Delivery Services

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Sat, 04/18/2015 - 19:53 -- Nick Dager

Ymagis Group has announced the expansion of its content delivery services in the United States through its new wholly owned subsidiary, Direct Cinema North America. Based in New York City and headed by industry veteran Barry Rebo, DCNA aims at providing both distributors and exhibitors with innovative technology services for specialty films, alternative content, cinema advertising and trailers.

“Our electronic booking portal CineConductor and the digital file download platform via broadband are designed to facilitate direct commerce between exhibitors and distributors,” said Rebo, managing director of DCNA. “We are an enabler in a sense; we will never be a gatekeeper. Our company’s primary focus is on being an open platform available to all rights holders and, with the help of our expertise, to bring their content into the theatrical marketplace here in the States and Canada.”

“We are thrilled to introduce this new service, which may be regarded as an extension of what we have successfully accomplished over the past two years with our respective European businesses specializing in content delivery,” said Jean Mizrahi, co-founder and CEO of Ymagis Group. “This new approach to delivery allows us to offer a cost-effective download solution for non-mainstream content in a manner similar to VOD platforms. It is clearly not our intention to enter into direct competition with current players; rather, we want to best use the growing high-speed broadband Internet services to address our North American clients’ needs by providing cinema exhibitors with greater flexibility in programming.”

CineConductor is a user-friendly content delivery solution available to movie exhibitors, distributors and rights holders based on Internet broadband connections and a central DCI-compliant proprietary datacenter operated by Ymagis Group. In parallel with existing premium content-oriented services, it provides clients with a new gateway to content, including independent/art-house/repertory films, cinema ads, trailers and publicity assets.