Ymagis Group Launches Eclair Preservation

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Mon, 10/19/2015 - 13:00 -- Nick Dager

Ymagis has launched Eclair Preservation, a global system for content asset management dedicated to the motion picture industry and television sector and designed to securely preserve and organize all forms of content. Augy Stock, formerly owned by Eclair Group, which was taken over by Ymagis on August 1 is now known as Eclair Preservation.

Eclair Group“This division is a new addition to our existing restoration services offered by our subsidiary Eclair Cinema, and allows our clients – producers, sales agents, content catalog owners, distributors and television broadcasters – to benefit from innovative services in the secured management of physical and digital assets of all forms of content,” said Jean Mizrahi, president and chief executive officer of Ymagis Group. “Eclair Preservation is now a distinct business within our group with a dedicated team of no fewer than thirty experts. With an increased investment in our R&D efforts initially launched by Eclair, we aim to develop our offer, particularly with our Storm program. This platform allows easy access to library assessment and the ability to place online orders for any type of works, including transcoding and content delivery.”

“The goal is to preserve and get to know in depth the media assets we store to fully make use of them and increase their respective value,” said Christophe Lacroix, deputy chief executive officer of Eclair and senior vice president content services for Ymagis Group. “The group thus implements a forward-thinking strategy that facilitates the preservation process and allows access to assets stored physically or digitally. Thanks both to the recognized expertise of our teams and our pioneering technologies such as Storm, we are able to provide such reliable services.”

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