Ymagis Acquires Tecnison, Expands Eclair’s Dubbing Business in Spain

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Wed, 11/09/2016 - 08:35 -- Nick Dager

Ymagis Group has acquired Madrid-based Tecnison, one of Spain’s leading dubbing services companies for cinema, television and multimedia. Under the terms of the agreement, Ymagis Group, through its wholly owned subsidiary Ymagis Spain, becomes the sole shareholder of Tecnison.

“Tecnison is a well-known and respected Spanish services company that has been active in the business since 1974, working with all major Hollywood studios and independent companies. Today’s successful conclusion of this agreement marks a new milestone in growing our presence in Spain,” said Jean Mizrahi, president and CEO of Ymagis Group. “With Tecnison, we are strengthening Eclair’s versioning and accessibility division, which is instrumental in executing our strategic objective of enhancing our market position in Spain. This operation allows us to not only to enlarge our scope of activities but also improve profitability in that region.”

"It's a great step forward for the entire Tecnison team to be part of this ambitious project led by Eclair,” explained Ana Arbona, managing director of Tecnicson. “These are exciting times with new challenges and opportunities that we shall face with passion and professionalism as we've done for years. As always, our objective is to serve our customers and give them the best bespoke solutions. In joining the Eclair family, we have the opportunity to grow in a culture similar to ours, well-known for quality, creativity and timeliness.”

"We are thrilled to have both Eclair and Tecnison working together to provide services to the Spanish audiovisual industry, as we constantly aspire to deliver best-in-class services,” said Angel Martin, managing director of Eclair Spain. “Under the Eclair brand, both structures will join efforts to offer one of the largest portfolios of integrated services in Spain to producers and distributors ranging from postproduction, mastering, versioning & accessibility including all content management needs (theatrical delivery to cinemas and digital distribution to TV broadcasts and VOD/SVOD platforms). With our new offices in Madrid, we now envision to open new horizons in digital services and be closer than ever to our customers.”

Martin will oversee operations alongside Arbona.

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