Xpand 3D Named Official Sponsor of Kino Expo 2012

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Fri, 09/14/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Xpand 3D was named an official sponsor of Kino Expo 2012 the international cinema industry convention held in St. Petersburg Russia. It marks the third consecutive year that Xpand 3D is sponsoring Kino Expo. In addition Xpand’s local partner NevaFilm will provide IR systems for the multiple 3D screenings at Kino Expo which will employ 800 Xpand Infinity active 3D glasses.

 Established in 1999 Kino Expo is the world’s third largest international exhibition of cinema equipment with a focus on the markets of Russia and neighboring CIS (former USSR) countries including Ukraine Kazakhstan Belarus Lithuania Latvia Estonia Armenia Moldova Azerbaijan and Central Asian countries. At Kino Expo the local offices of major studios Russian and international independent distribution and production companies present their upcoming films and product reels directly to local exhibitors.

 “Xpand 3D offers more than the best 3D experience in the world; we enable filmmakers to truly realize their artistic visions while providing viewers the ability to see 3D as it is meant to be seen ” said Maria Costeira CEO of Xpand 3D. “At Kino Expo 2012 where some of the world’s most talented artists intersect with the heart of the Russian/CIS film community Xpand 3D is the only option.” “As one of the most prestigious cinema conventions in the world it is imperative that Kino Expo offers cutting-edge cinema technology for its screenings ” said Dmitri Kazuto of Kino Expo. “With the Xpand Infinity glasses we know our guests are enjoying that unmatched level of quality.”
 “Xpand offers the highest-quality cinema 3D in the world and Kino Expo is one of the highest-profile opportunities to showcase this world-class quality ” said Katerina Agapova of NevaFilm. “We are thrilled to once again be able to provide Xpand 3D cinema systems for Kino Expo.”