XDC to Release At The Very Last Moment 3D

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Tue, 02/28/2012 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

XDC is releasing At The Very Last Moment in 3D the new feature film from French free ride production company Perfect Moment Entertainment whose well-known concept Nuit de la Glisse focuses on the triumphs and achievements of extreme sportsmen and women as they take on Mother Nature at her most challenging. French film maker Thierry Donard has been filming free riding athletes for 30 years and formed Perfect Moment Entertainment a production company dedicated to the filming of extreme sports from all four corners of the globe. XDC Entertainment will start to distribute this spectacular 3D content in 15 European territories on March 20.  Release in Americas Asia and Pacific is also expected later in the year. Donard took his first ski run at the age of five. At twelve he received his first camera and not long after started organizing paid screenings of his films. He has spent the last three decades traveling the world and has captured the awe-inspiring acts of the greatest riders of all time from almost every imaginable extreme sport.  Thirty years 15 passports and 875km of film later he can claim to have filmed in all conditions and elements on every continent and with the most spectacular scenery known to man.  Beautifully shot and edited this film is a snapshot of the best of what he and his camera have seen. Previously his films have been screened at events and festivals aimed at a very devoted fan base but now XDC Entertainment is enabling Nuit de la Glisse to offer wider audiences the thrill of free riding on cinema screens in 3D. Fabrice Testa vice president distribution services at XDC says I have known Thierry for many years ever since he started using XDC Digital Lab services. We are now moving ahead with this association which is a very rewarding one and we are delighted to be bringing the best in free riding to European cinemas.  XDC's alternative content distribution services are the perfect vehicle for raising the profile of these extraordinary sports. Frank Smith sales manager at XDC says Until now this kind of content has been limited to those already in the know about free riding and the culture of 'glisse'; but XDC Entertainment's alliance with Nuit de la Glisse will give mainstream audiences the opportunity of seeing the world's best extreme sport in digital 3D for the first time. Donard founder and director of Nuit de la Glisse says Nuit de la Glisse has not only adapted the latest 3D techniques to film extreme movies but has also returned to the heart of human adventure. With 3D the spectator is plunged into real action and it's this reality that I want to reproduce and share with audiences. 3D allows producers' craziest dreams to become a cinematic reality bringing an extra sensory dimension to cinema entertainment. XDC Entertainment www.xdcentertainment.com