XDC Reaches Thousand-Screen Plateau in Europe

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Fri, 05/13/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

XDC says it has deployed the 1000th digital screen contracted within its European VPF studio agreements. That installation is the Rio Cinema in Dalston London UK a member of the Digital Funding Partnership. This marks the first installation under the DFP/XDC deployment agreement. Serge Plasch XDC CEO says We are very excited to have reached this important step and especially with the Rio Cinema being a member of the DFP which we are very proud to be working with it's a double celebration. Christian De Stoop XDC's international sales and contracting manager says One thousand screens is an important milestone for XDC. Over the last two years our installation base has seen considerable growth. We now have screens in almost every country of Europe. We are truly a European company.  XDC has further established its leadership position with this milestone and the trend continues. We are currently experiencing our busiest time with exhibitors signing to the VPF model. Charles Rubinstein general manager of The Rio Cinema says We are impressed with the speed that XDC supplied and installed the system through Sound Associates. We had a deadline of 1st May and fortunately the DFP and XDC were able to arrange our installation to meet this. We are all highly delighted and relieved. Steve Perrin CEO DFP says Congratulations to XDC on their 1000th installation. I am especially pleased that it is the Rio cinema that achieved this milestone for XDC. It really emphasises what the DFP is all about when we can help our traditional independently owned cinemas like this. We are all looking forward to the main phase of our roll out in the very near future.” XDC International www.xdcinema.com ,2426
Producer Says 3D Boosts Memory Retention in Ads Education,2011-05-31, Advertisers looking to increase memory retention among audiences should seriously investigate 3D says James Stewart a stereoscopic 3D commercial producer. In a presentation delivered at the Ontario Centres for Excellence Discovery 2011 conference Stewart founder and director of the Geneva Film Company shared startling statistics. He showed the use of 3D in advertising yields returns in memory retention with audiences exhibiting 92 percent total recall of an ad with 68 percent of that number showing a higher likelihood of following through with a purchase of the product advertised a significant increase over the same commercial in 2D. Quoting studies from multiple independent sources including ESPN Xpand and Texas Instruments the data shows an average increase in viewer retention of 15 percent. Showing examples of his 3D work used in customer testing Stewart said For a nominal increase in production costs you get a 15 percent to 20 percent increase in ad recall. Who does not want that? But advertising is not the only medium where retention rates are boosted through the use of 3D. Stewart also provided the Discovery audience with powerful data from a study conducted in the UK on behalf of Texas Instruments showing that the use of 3D as a learning method in the classroom also improved a pupil's understanding of a difficult topic. Children's mean scores in lessons taught using 3D ranked 8.33 out of 10 while traditionally taught returned mean scores of 7 out of 10. 3D is now prominent in our movie theaters and is becoming increasingly acknowledged by the advertising community as the powerful and immersive advertising medium. And based on information I've shared at this conference clearly 3D has legs beyond commercial use said Stewart. Now we have the empirical research to validate what our gut and the rising audience attendance rates in theatres have been telling us all along. 3D is not just here to stay - it is going to dominate communication channels in the future.” Since producing its first 3D commercial in 2008 Geneva has produced 3D commercials for Sprint JC Penney and Lexus. Geneva Film Company www.genevafilmco.com