Workspace Unlimited Installs Barco Projection for Interactive Exhibit

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Tue, 09/13/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

International art collective Workspace Unlimited has selected Barco's RLM-W6 DLP projectors to showcase its interactive exhibit in which art and architecture converge to create a surreal immersive experience. Now showing at the Musée d'art contemporain in Montreal Canada the exhibit RealTime UnReal utilizes the projectors – supplied by Montreal-based SC Media Technologies – to merge a visitor's experience of virtual and physical spaces. Barco's RLM-W6 three-chip DLP projector delivers superior brightness full HD resolution and precise color reproduction to present RealTime UnReal in stunningly lifelike detail creating multi-perspective Hybrid Spaces where the real and the virtual interweave in a constant flux. “We're excited to use Barco projectors in our challenging Hybrid Space projects because they enable us to reveal the work's full potential in passive 3D projection ” says Thomas Soetens of Workspace Unlimited. 

Barco was an early supporter of the internationally renowned collective's endeavors sponsoring its inaugural exhibit of RealTime UnReal at the Museum of the Moving Image last January in New York. “We're honored to continue our partnership with Workspace Unlimited – true pioneers in 'extreme' media art – as it gives Barco an opportunity to test the full capabilities of our technology ” says Mitch Stein national channel manager for Barco Canada. “It's exciting to see how our cutting-edge capabilities translate into artistic reality in astonishing ways.”  Vice president North America and managing director for Barco Canada Danny Sergeant says   “Incorporating interactive 3D and immersive elements into presentations engages audiences at another level reinforcing messages and improving absorption of information as well as creating an enjoyable and memorable experience. We see a bright future for forward-thinking companies who embrace these technologies now and Barco is well-equipped to meet their AV needs now and for years to come.”