Veteran Artists Open Creature Art and Mechanics Digital

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Fri, 06/29/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

A group of artists and technologists that helped bring Davy Jones to life in Pirates of the Caribbean and made everyone’s favorite childhood robots leap into action in Transformers have launched Creature Art and Mechanics Digital a new studio based in Marin County California. The announcement was made by the new company’s founding partners Scott C. Smith Timothy Naylor Andrea Maiolo and Chad Vernon.

 In a joint statement the founding partners said “Our mission is to facilitate producers directors and visual effect supervisors into bringing their digital characters and creatures to life using radically new methods and technologies. We believe that the time has come to rethink and modernize the creation of CG Digital Characters while dramatically reducing costs and increasing efficiency. This means a lower budget for the creation of digital characters in feature films animation and even videogames while giving directors producers heads of studios etc. direct access to the design and creation process.”

 According to its partners CAMd has proprietary technologies that allow them to do some previously unattainable production pipeline tricks. CAMd will offer a creature shop that will hand-off characters and creatures to a studio or its vendors and support the production of that asset through to final compositing if necessary.
 Creature Art & Mechanics