USL Announces New Features on JSD-60 Digital Cinema Processor

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Thu, 10/08/2015 - 11:50 -- Nick Dager

USL has announced new advancements on its JSD-60 Digital Cinema Processor. The JSD-60’s unique features now include a Blu link output board that is compatible with the popular Crown Blu link amplifiers. The module allows for the output of the content of any selected Blu link channel. 

Additional updated features for the JSD-60 include an internal RTA, eight main outputs (for up to 7.1 channels) plus Hi and Vi-N outputs (all balanced line level).  It comes with a digital bypass circuit for AES/EBU and all other formats.  An optional internal biamp crossover is available for 5.1 and 7.1 channel auditoriums.  Drive-In cinema support is also included. 

“Our engineering team really outdid themselves with the JSD-60 series,” said Jack Cashin, founder and president of USL.  “The series contains five different economically diverse versions.  Ultimately, this offers the end user a very flexible product that can be used in various auditorium configurations.”  

“The other features that make the JSD-60 really stand out from many of the other processors on the market are the 96kHz sample rate, digital bypass for AES/EBU, so you don’t lose any shows,” said Clint Koch, director of sales. “Also, it is equipped with DTS and Dolby decoding for alternative content, and the digital matrix table that allows the user the ability to decode any of the formats and channels to their liking.”